PRONTO "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry
Sweet and very tasty!

PRONTO Tapioca x Fruit Drinks

Three types of drinks combining tapioca and fruit are now available at PRONTO stores for a limited time.

The lineup includes "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry" (550 yen, tax included, same below), "Tapioca Mango Milk" (500 yen), and "Tapioca Crush Strawberry Milk" (500 yen). Of these, we recommend the "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry," which combines PRONTO's summer staple "100% watermelon juice" with strawberry pulp, strawberry sauce, and a generous amount of tapioca!

Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry

Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry is a bright contrast of red and black. Mix well and drink...

PRONTO "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry
Watermelon & strawberry red and tapioca black

The fresh and refreshing taste of the watermelon melds with the melting sweetness of the strawberries... delicious! It is filled with a large amount of strawberry pulp, which flows into your mouth as you suck on it through a straw. Every time you bite into the soft pulp, you can feel it pop, and it is very satisfying to drink.

PRONTO "Tapioca Watermelon & Strawberry
Full of tapioca and strawberry pulp

The tapioca is slightly sweet and chewy! You can enjoy various textures at the same time, such as the smoothness of the juice, the tender strawberries, and the chewy tapioca. The strawberries were a strong part of this drink, as was the tapioca.

Tapioca Mango Milk

Tapioca Mango Milk is a drink that combines the richness of mango and the gentle sweetness of milk with chewy tapioca. It will make you feel like you are in a tropical country from both the appearance and the taste.

Tapioca Mashibu Ichigo Milk

Tapioca Strawberry Milk" is a drink in which you can enjoy the texture of the strawberry cubes and chewy tapioca. You can enjoy the golden combination of sweet and sour strawberries and milk.

PRONTO Tapioca Drink
Source: PRONTO official website

These three dessert drinks will quench your thirst with fruit and satisfy your hunger with tapioca. How about these as a summer snack?