Ootoya "Summer Vegetables and Dashi Tororo Crystal Chicken Set Meal"

At each Ootoya store, a limited-time menu "Summer vegetables and dashi tororo crystal chicken set meal" is on sale. The price is 890 yen (tax included).

This is a menu where you can enjoy "Crystal Chicken", which is named because the surface looks like a crystal. The chicken breast is sprinkled with potato starch and boiled, and the surface is smooth and you can enjoy a soft texture with a moist and comfortable texture.

The toppings are summer vegetables and plum meat. In addition, "Tsukimi Tororo" with egg yolk on the soup stock is included. It's a nice point that you can eat it in various ways, such as simply refreshing with chicken and vegetables, then putting the tororo and plum meat on the chicken, or sprinkling the extra tororo on rice. It has a refreshing and healthy texture that makes it addictive, and is finished in a set meal that is ideal for summer.

Also, if you order a set of "summer vegetables and dashi tororo crystal chicken set meal" and "fig dessert" that uses seasonal figs, the dessert will be discounted by 50 yen (regular price 280 yen). Why don't you enjoy a dessert with a fluffy texture and an elegant sweetness at a great price?

Ootoya "Fig dessert"