Kentucky Fried Chicken "Nuggets 10 pieces half price" campaign

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Nugget 10 Piece Half Price" Camp

aign The "Nugget 10 Piece Half Price" campaign will be held at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) stores nationwide from February 8 (Wed) through February 21 (Tue).

The "Nugget 10 Piece Half

Price" Campaign

"Nugget" is KFC's signature side menu item, filled with the specialties of the chicken specialty restaurant. The nuggets are made from tender chicken breast and seasoned with 11 kinds of herbs and spices, a Kernel secret, just like the "Original Chicken". Because it is boneless and easy to eat, it is widely loved by both children and adults, and has been a long-selling product since 1984.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Nuggets

During the campaign period, the regular price of 840 yen for 10 pieces (the price of the individual items combined) will be halved to 420 yen. This is a very special two-week period.

Some stores may not sell the product.
Delivery service is not available.
Some stores may change their business hours or be closed.

Recipes to change the taste of n

uggets Nuggets are perfect as a snack when you are hungry or as a nibble. Here is a recipe for changing the flavor of soft and juicy nugget skewers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Nuggets" flavor change recipe

・ 6 nuggets
・ Yakitori sauce (commercially available)
* You can also boil down equal amounts of soy sauce, sugar and sake.
・ 2 shiso leaves
・ 1 egg yolk
・ Scrambled sesame seeds

<How to make>
1. Thread 3 nuggets onto skewers and toss with appropriate amount of yakitori sauce. 2.
Arrange the nuggets on a plate lined with shiso leaves. 3.
Sprinkle a little roasted sesame seeds and garnish with egg yolk.