Bow Rabbit "Bow Rabit Milk Tea" "Peach Strawberry Cheese"

"Bow Rabit TOKYO" is a drink specialty store located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo. The shop is located about 3 minutes on foot from the station and is marked by the rabbit logo.

Bow Rabbit Tokyo

A rich lineup of drinks where you can enjoy specialty tea, homemade cheese foam, tapioca, etc. Sodas and smoothies are also available.

Bow Rabbit Menu

BowRabit milk tea

An original milk tea that is a blend of three types of tea. Select brown sugar tapioca from additional toppings (rich cheese foam, amber tapioca, brown sugar tapioca). The price is M size 480 yen + brown sugar tapioca 90 yen = 570 yen (tax included).

Bow Rabit "Bow Rabit Milk Tea"
Rabbit in the cup

As the tea is blended, it has a deeper taste than ordinary milk tea. Each taste and richness spreads together, and finally a mellow scent fluffs from the nose. The chewy tapioca adds a hint of brown sugar. The base is clean so it's not too heavy.

Bow Rabit "Bow Rabit Milk Tea"
Sticky tapioca

Peach strawberry cheese

A smoothie with plenty of peaches and strawberries. There is cheese foam on the top. Add amber tapioca topping here. The price is L size 780 yen + amber tapioca 80 yen = 860 yen (tax included).

Bow Rabbit "Momo Strawberry Cheese"
Gorgeous appearance

At first, fresh fruits are the main. The sweet and sour taste of peaches and strawberries pops in your mouth. Amber tapioca is slightly sweet and does not disturb the overall taste, and adds an accent only with a stuffy texture. The texture is a little different from brown sugar tapioca and it is interesting.

Bow Rabbit "Momo Strawberry Cheese"
The whitish bottom is tapioca

When mixed with smooth cheese foam, it changes to a rich taste. A deep richness is added to the fruity sweetness. It's a drink, but it feels like after tasting the sweets.

Bow Rabbit "Momo Strawberry Cheese"
Rabbit on the form

Bow rabbit where you can enjoy rich cheese drinks and tapioca that you can hardly enjoy at home. Why don't you stop by when you visit Takadanobaba?