Comma tea "Scorched caramel milk tea"

At each comma tea and comma TOGO store, "Scorched Caramel Milk Tea" with a rich and rich flavor on the scent of charred caramel is on sale.

comma tea Developed two types of caramel milk tea based on the popular original Assam tea and royal milk tea. We recommend both "Assam Milk Tea" which goes well with caramel and "Royal Milk Tea" which is fruity.

The most popular original charred foam has been added to further enhance the fragrant and sweet scented caramel. It is finished in a rich and tasty charred caramel milk tea with the scent of charred caramel.

In addition, caramel tapioca milk tea will be offered at stores that do not offer charred products.

・ Product Overview
Product Name Scorched Caramel Bubble Tea Milk Tea Selling Price Scorched Caramel Bubble Tea Assam Milk Tea (Scorched Caramel Tapioca Assam Milk Tea)
M size 650 yen S size 600 yen

Scorched Caramel Tapioca Royal Milk Tea (Scorched store)
M size 670 yen S size 620 yen

Product Name Caramel Tapioca Milk Tea Price Caramel Tapioca Assam Milk Tea (Non-burnt store)
M size 570 yen S size 520 yen

Caramel tapioca royal milk tea (non-burnt store)
M size 590 yen S size 540 yen