Chun Shui Tang Tapioca Milk Tea

The limited-time menu "Tapioca White Peach Milk Tea" will be released on May 12th at each Taiwanese cafe "Chun Shui Tang". The price is 650 yen (excluding tax).

The popular menu, which was sold for a limited time last summer, is back. Black tea-based milk tea with a rich white peach flavor is topped with plenty of cream and white peach fruit.

Handled at Chun Shui Tang stores nationwide. If you use the mobile order "Sumatapi", you can pick it up at the store without lining up without cash.

The store is currently open due to temporary closure and shortened hours to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. You can check the latest store information on the official website.

What is Chun Shui Tang?

Chun Shui Tang Tapioca Milk Tea

Chun Shui Tang is a Taiwanese cafe founded in 1983 in Taichung, Taiwan. In addition to widely establishing traditional hot tea as ice sweet tea, it has gained popularity as the origin of bubble tea, and has more than 50 stores throughout Taiwan. First store in Japan in 2013 in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Currently, we have 15 stores nationwide. Furthermore, in 2018, the group brand To go specialty store "TP TEA" also landed in Japan, and has nine stores in Tokyo and Osaka / Umeda.