Kourakuen "Taiwan Vegetable Mixed Noodles"
Choose "spicy". There is a bright red sauce

I have tried Kourakuen's seasonal menu "Taiwan Vegetable Mixed Noodles". You can choose from two types: "Uma-spicy", which is moderately spicy, and "Spicy-spicy", which is extremely spicy. This time I ordered a spicy sardine type.

The price is 640 yen (tax included). Kourakuen arranged gourmet food from Nagoya with soup-free noodles similar to soupless tantanmen and jar jar noodles. Vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, wood ear mushrooms, green vegetables, and carrots, as well as round minced meat and soft-boiled eggs are colorfully placed on top of which a generous amount of bright red sauce is applied.

Kourakuen "Taiwan Vegetable Mixed Noodles"
Plenty of ingredients

The fiery color of the sauce makes you imagine how hot it is. Kourakuen's seasonal menu is often spicy and spicy, so I'm a little nervous even before I pick up my chopsticks.

It is recommended to mix well before eating, so scoop up the noodles from the bottom of the bowl about 20 times until the ingredients and sauce are firmly entwined.

Kourakuen "Taiwan Vegetable Mixed Noodles"
After mixing about 20 times

When you're ready, take a bite first. As soon as the tongue touches the noodles, a tingling sensation reaches the brain. I wonder if there is a Chinese pepper (Fajao) in addition to the red pepper. It's not so spicy that you can't tell the taste of minced meat and vegetables, but if you don't eat it slowly, you'll get sick. If you take a bite and then bite again, the noodles will have a lot of volume, but the texture of crispy cabbage, bean sprouts, and crunchy wood ear mushrooms and the texture of the thick soft-boiled egg will help. The chopsticks go on and on.

Kourakuen "Taiwan Vegetable Mixed Noodles"
The spiciness of the tongue

On the other hand, the spiciness gradually works like a body blow, and the throat and chest are also tingling. According to the explanation of the menu, if you add a little vinegar on the table, the taste will be mellow and it will be easier to eat again. If you follow the recommendations, it seems that mysteriously the spiciness has softened.

When flattened to the end with the help of vinegar, it was more than enough for lunch and dinner. You can also add rice as a set and enjoy the extra sauce, but this may be suitable for people who are hungry due to skipping a meal.