Denny's "Matcha Dessert Fair"
Matcha lovers gathering!

At each Denny's store (excluding some stores), 5 "Matcha desserts" using Uji matcha from Kyoto will be released on June 11th. The lineup is as follows.

・ Uji Matcha The Sunday 813 yen (excluding tax, same below)
The Sunday is a layer of Japanese ingredients such as domestic roasted green tea cream and jelly, chewy white balls, and azuki beans. The top is topped with matcha brownie, which has a moist texture and the elegant sweetness of Hokkaido Dainagon (Azuki) and the richness of white chocolate. The elegant aroma and bitterness of Uji matcha from Kyoto spreads in your mouth with each bite.

Denny's "Uji Matcha The Sunday"

・ Uji Matcha and Hojicha Mini Parfait 456 yen A mini parfait that combines colorful and rich Uji Matcha ice cream with fragrant Hojicha jelly and Hojicha cream. Boiled azuki beans and shiratama are also included, and it is said that the response to eating is sufficient.

Denny's "" Uji Matcha and Hojicha Mini Parfait

・ Dark tea jelly 406 yen Jelly made by carefully selecting only the most picked tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto. Inside is azuki beans.

・ Uji Matcha Pancake 508 yen A pancake that combines rich Uji matcha cream, boiled honey, black honey, and honey syrup with a soft pancake with a slight buttermilk scent.

・ Uji Matcha Round and Round Garrett 508 yen Sweets that are rolled up by layering glutinous fertilizer, azuki beans, and Uji matcha cream on a matcha-flavored garret that is kneaded with Uji matcha powder and baked.