KALDI "Saigon Basket"
Check all together! (The image is quoted from the official website)

At each KALDI Coffee Farm store (excluding some stores), products that allow you to easily enjoy the taste of Vietnam are on sale from June 1st to June 30th. "Vietnamese milk coffee" and "Vietnamese condensed milk pudding". The lineup is as follows.

・ Original Vietnamese milk coffee Vietnamese milk coffee is characterized by the perfect balance between the bitterness of rich coffee and the sweetness of milk. You can enjoy it hot or on ice.

KALDI "Original Vietnamese Milk Coffee"

・ Original Vietnamese-style condensed milk pudding Vietnamese-style condensed milk pudding with the image of Vietnamese Banh Flan. The sauce is a slightly strong coffee jelly. It is said that it is a popular way to eat locally by sprinkling crashed ice and eating it like shaved ice.

KALDI "Original Vietnamese Condensed Milk Pudding"

・ Original Bun Bo Hue-style Udon Bun Bo Hue is a specialty dish of Hue, a city in central Vietnam. The spicy soup, which is characterized by the taste of beef bones and the scent of lemongrass, is combined with thin udon noodles.

KALDI "Original Bun Bohue-style Udon"

・ Original Bánh xeo set A set of mixed powder and sauce that you can easily enjoy "Banh xeo", one of the home-cooked dishes in southern Vietnam. Spread the dough based on rice flour and coconut milk in a crepe-like thin circle in a frying pan, put your favorite ingredients such as pork, bean sprouts, and shrimp on it, and bake it so that the surface of the dough becomes crispy.

KALDI "Original Bánh xeo Set"

・ Original Vietnamese-style fried rice with comchin pork and green onions, accented with Vietnamese fish sauce (fish sauce), seasoned with oyster sauce, garlic, ginger, and flavor oil.

KALDI "Original fried rice with Vietnamese style, Komchin"

・ Saigon basket "Saigon basket", instant "Vietnamese milk coffee", two types of "pho", and coconut chopsticks are included in the set. Limited quantity.

KALDI "Saigon Basket"