A review of Butter Pudding purchased at KALDIo Coffee Farm. It is a KALDIo original product. You can enjoy its plump texture and rich buttery flavor.

KALDIo Butter Pudding

This pudding has a rich taste and is made with Hokkaido butter. The bottom of the pudding is covered with bittersweet caramel sauce. Price: 213 yen (tax included). Contents 68g (2.4oz).

KALDI "Butter Pudding

The package is yellow and blue in color. The design features a retro-looking logo and an illustration of a pudding.

Ingredients are milk (manufactured in Japan), sugar, whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, caramel, salt/gelator (processed starch, polysaccharide thickener), flavor, emulsifier, (some milk ingredients and soybeans are included).

What does KALDI Butter Pudding taste like?

KALDI "Butter Pudding

The pudding has a firm texture. It melts in your mouth and spreads a rich buttery flavor. It packs more of a punch than expected! When combined with the caramel sauce, it changes to an even richer flavor.

KALDI "Butter Pudding

You can fully enjoy the good combination of butter, milk, and caramel. On the other hand, the egginess does not come to the fore. If you want to enjoy the rich buttery flavor, this is the one for you! Since it is sold at room temperature, it is recommended to chill it well before eating.