Fujiya pastry shop "Brandy scented savarin"

Brandy scented savarin

At the Fujiya pastry shop, sweets for Father's Day "Brandy scented savarin" will be on sale. Limited to 3 days from June 14th to 16th. The price is 450 yen (tax included, same below).

Adult savarin with brioche dough soaked with brandy syrup. It is finished with liqueur and brandy added chanterie cream and light type custard cream. Contains 3.2% alcohol.

In addition, "Chocolate Raw Cake" (360 yen), "White Chocolate Raw Cake" (360 yen), and "Chocolate Banana Cake" (480 yen) are also sold as recommended cakes for Father's Day.

Fujiya pastry shop Father's Day recommended cake