Yamazaki, summer premium sweets

Three new products from the Yamazaki "PREMIUM SWEETS" series. "Mango omlet (using Hokkaido milk)", "mocha coffee roll (with coffee jelly)" and "fluffy waffle (lemon rare cheese)" are on sale from June 1st (excluding some areas).

Mango omlet is a soft and soft dough that wraps whipped cream, honey-pickled mango, and mango sauce. The whipped cream uses Hokkaido milk to enhance the richness and finish it with a good mouthfeel. You can enjoy the rich and juicy mango flavor.

Mocha coffee roll is a mocha-baked coffee-flavored sponge dough that involves coffee cream and coffee jelly with a plump texture. The coffee cream is refreshingly finished with mocha coffee, which has a fruity aroma and acidity.

The fluffy waffle is a waffle wrapped in rare cheese cream with lemon jam. Lemon jam uses Sicilian lemon juice, which is characterized by its rich aroma and mild acidity. You can enjoy the soft and soft waffle and the refreshing taste of lemon jam blended with cream.