Kinoko no Yama Essel Super Cup Super Vanilla

"Kinoko no Yama Essel Super Cup Super Vanilla" will be released on May 14th from the long-selling brand "Kinoko no Yama" in the Meiji era. The estimated price is 216 yen (tax included).

The Mushroom Party, which was defeated by the Mushroom Party by a small margin in the "Mushroom Mountain / Takenoko no Sato National General Election 2018", collaborated with the "Meiji Essel Super Cup" to rejuvenate. On August 10th, the day before "Kinoko no Yama Day (August 11th)" in 2018, a lot of "Kinoko no Yama" was added to the "Meiji Essel Super Cup" on the official Instagram of the "Meiji Essel Super Cup" brand. It seems that the reason for the encounter was to celebrate "Kinoko no Yama Day" by posting the photos that were arranged.

"Meiji Essel Super Cup" with a lot of "Kinoko no Yama"
Heap of mushrooms

The color and taste are faithfully reproduced from "Meiji Essel Super Cup Super Vanilla". It's a combination of crispy crackers and super vanilla-flavored white chocolate, which makes it addictive.