Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball" Collaboration Product

At each Lawson store (excluding some stores), products in collaboration with the popular rice ball "Devil's Rice Ball" are on sale. I actually tried the 3 items I was interested in!

■ Devil's potato chips
"Devil's Potato Chips" in collaboration with Yamayoshi. This is a reproduction of the addictive taste of "devil's rice balls" with potato chips. The price is 129 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Devil's Potato Chips"
Devil potato chips

Aosaya, Japanese pepper, dried bonito powder, etc. are used, and when you put it in your mouth, the taste spreads softly. What remains after swallowing is a faint sweetness. It has a addictive taste, and if you eat one, you can't stop your hands ...! It is recommended not only as a snack but also as a snack for sake.

Lawson "Devil's Potato Chips"
Highly addictive!

■ Devil's rice ball
"Devil's Onigiri Senbei" in collaboration with Masuya's "Onigiri Senbei". The price is 129 yen.

Lawson "Devil's Onigiri Senbei"
Devil's rice ball

With a crunchy texture, you can enjoy the fragrant flavor and umami every time you chew. Impression that the seasoning is a little lighter than the ordinary "Onigiri Senbei". If anything, the taste of "Onigiri Senbei" is stronger than that of "Devil's Onigiri".

Lawson "Devil's Onigiri Senbei"
Seasoning is slightly lighter

■ Devil's porridge
"Devil's porridge" in collaboration with Nagatanien. A cup soup with the motif of devil's rice balls. Japanese-style soup with green laver and fried balls. Make it by adding "devil's rice ball" or your favorite rice ball. The price is 108 yen.

Lawson "Devil's Zosui no Moto"
Devil's porridge ("Devil's rice ball" is sold separately)

Lawson "Devil's Zosui no Moto"

A porridge with a nostalgic taste that is soaked in the taste of dried bonito. With a slightly strong seasoning, it feels like rice in a fried ball udon soup. The junk flavor is addictive!

Lawson "Devil's Zosui no Moto"
Like porridge made by putting rice balls in fried ball udon

An interesting "devil's rice ball" collaboration product. My recommendation is "Devil's Potato Chips" ♪ If you see it, pick it up!