Artisan two-by-two vanilla biscuits

I got a sweet "two by two vanilla biscuits" that is loved in England. It is sold by the country's manufacturer "Artisan", which has a history of more than 70 years. The purchase price is 598 yen (excluding tax).

Please have a look, the package design that does not make you imagine the contents at all. There is no sizzle, but the feeling of not being flirting with consumers is rather refreshing.

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
Package like a picture book

This picture-book-like design hides the romantic story of "a couple of owls and cats having a wedding on the island they arrived at after a voyage." It is based on the famous English poem "Owl and Cat" by Edward Lear.

This product is a vanilla-flavored biscuit made from such "owls" and "cats."

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
Poetry is written on the side of the package

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
Continued on the other side

When you open the box and break the bag, you will find biscuits in the shape of an owl and a cat. It is baked with plenty of butter and Madagascar vanilla.

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
Cat on the left, owl on the right

When I counted it, there were 4 owls and 4 cats alternately.

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
There is an owl under the cat. Below that is another cat

When bitten, it has a crunchy and slightly rough texture. The more you chew, the sweeter the vanilla and the more fragrant butter will spread. The faint saltiness brings out the vanilla and butter and refreshes the aftertaste, so you'll want to eat as many as you like!

And as expected, British sweets seem to go very well with black tea.

Artisan Two by Two Vanilla Biscuits
It's so delicious!

The Artisan Biscuit series also includes the image of the Aesop fairy tale "Rabbit and Kame" and the image of the nursery rhyme "Merry's Lamb". All the biscuits are elaborately made, and they will produce a fantastic snack time with fairy tales!

Two-by-two toffee biscuits
rabbit and turtle

Two-by-two peach biscuits
Mary's Lamb The source of the image is the official website of "Tomo Shoji", which imports and sells products.