Okamuraya "Chicken Keema Curry Bowl"
Lots of chicken

I ate "Chicken Keema Curry Bowl" at Okamuraya. It's a spicy cup full of meat, but it may be surprisingly "refreshing".

Speaking of Okamuraya, the sukiyaki-style meat rice with tofu and konnyaku in rumbling beef is on sale, and the whole menu has the impression that it is squishy.

However, the chicken keema curry bowl seems to be relatively refreshing in that situation. The chicken is low in fat and high in protein and feels like salad chicken, and the julienne cabbage gives a refreshing impression to the aftertaste.

Okamuraya "Chicken Keema Curry Bowl"
Although the volume is solid

Of course, keema curry is a very solid Japanese-style curry, and if you add some mayonnaise, you will feel more savory. The amount of rice is also large.

Okamuraya "Chicken Keema Curry Bowl"
It tastes like salad chicken

However, when a large tofu comes out from under the curry and chicken, I feel that it is not as bad as it looks while advancing the chopsticks. The price is 600 yen (tax included).