Okamuraya "Grilled beef tongue tororo"
Grilled beef tongue tororo rice

A limited-time menu "Grilled beef tongue tororo rice" will be released on August 3 at each meat specialty store "Okamuraya". Also supports takeout and Uber Eats.

"Grilled beef tororo" is a bowl of rice topped with 9 pieces of savory roasted beef tongue that is shabu-shabu made with a special dashi stock. The beef tongue is served with Sendai miso and is finished with plenty of tororo. Topped with egg yolk and green onions. It is an overflowing dish.

The price is 690 yen (tax included, same below). In addition, "Grilled beef tongue tororo rice large" with 1.5 times (14 sheets) of beef tongue will be sold for 890 yen. For those who want to eat even more, a large serving of rice is available for +50 yen and a double serving is available for +100 yen.

Okamuraya "Grilled beef tongue tororo"
Grilled beef tongue and tororo rice

At Okamuraya, you will receive a "100 yen discount coupon common to all 3 stores" at the time of checkout. For each item of 490 yen or more, you can get a 100 yen discount from the checkout by using one ticket.