"Plenty of minced meat curry rice" at Okamuraya
Plenty of minced meat curry rice

"Plenty of minced meat curry meat meat" will be on sale from October 19th at the Akihabara store, Shimbashi store, and Shinjuku store of the meat meat specialty store "Okamuraya".

"Plenty of minced meat curry meat rice" is a limited-time menu with crispy cabbage on the most popular "meat rice" of Okamuraya's signature menu, spiced curry with plenty of minced meat. The price is 690 yen (tax included). Takeaway and Uber Eats are also available.

For those who want to eat more, the standard dera size "Dera Curry Meat Rice" with stewed eggs and stewed radish is also available. The price is 840 yen (tax included).

"Dera Curry Meat Rice" at Okamuraya
Dela curry meat rice

At Okamuraya, you will be given a "100 yen discount coupon common to all three stores" at the time of checkout. For each item of 490 yen or more including tax, one discount ticket will give you a 100 yen discount from the checkout.