Okamuraya "Plateau Lettuce Gosei Meat Meat"
A large amount of meat surrounds the lettuce (the photo is "Kogen Lettuce Gosei Meat Meat")

At each of the meat rice specialty stores "Okamuraya", a limited-time menu "Kogen Lettuce Meat Rice" using the seasonal "Kogen Lettuce" will be on sale from July 24th. The price is 640 yen (tax included, same below).

This is a hearty seasonal menu in which highland lettuce is "shabu-shabu" in a large pot and served on rice with meat from Okamuraya. It is seasoned with a special stamina sauce.

Okamuraya "Plateau Lettuce Meat Rice"
Plateau lettuce meat rice

In addition, "Kogen Lettuce Beef Shabu-Shabu" (790 yen) and "Kogen Lettuce Gosei Meat Meat" (890 yen), which is a combination of shabu-shabu and stewed meat, are also available.

Plateau lettuce meat meat has "meat in lettuce", while plateau lettuce beef shabu-shabu and plateau lettuce combined meat meat has "lettuce in meat". The meat is piled up just outside the bowl, and it looks great.

Okamuraya "Plateau Lettuce Beef Shabu-Shabu"
Plateau lettuce beef shabu-shabu

Okamuraya "Plateau Lettuce Gosei Meat Meat"
Plateau lettuce combined meat rice

How about a day when you want to add stamina to lettuce meat that fills your stomach with plenty of vegetables and meat?