Lawson "Cherry Cherry Peach" & "Kiwi & Kiwi"

"Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach" and "Uchi Cafe Kiwi & Kiwi" are on sale at each Lawson store (excluding some stores). The price is 198 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

■ Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach
"Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach" is a combination of Sato Nishiki from Yamagata Prefecture, which has a delicate and elegant sweetness, and sour cherry juice. You can enjoy the sweet and gentle scent of two kinds of cherries and the texture of white peach pulp and nata de coco.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach"
Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach

Plenty of nata de coco and white peach pulp that jumps in at the same time as sucking up! The moist and refreshing taste of the cherries that spreads softly goes well with white peaches and nata de coco. A refreshing aftertaste and a very drinkable cup.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach"
Nata de coco around

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Cherry Cherry Peach"

■ Uchi Cafe Kiwi & Kiwi
"Uchicafe Kiwi & Kiwi" is a combination of sweet and sour and fruity New Zealand green kiwi and golden kiwi juice. You can enjoy the luxurious texture of kiwi and aloe flesh in addition to the refreshing acidity and sweetness of the two types of kiwi.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Kiwi & Kiwi"
Uchi Cafe Kiwi & Kiwi

A refreshing drink that combines the texture of puny aloe flesh, juicy kiwi flesh, and fluffy seeds. It has a moderate acidity and is perfect for when you want to change your mood.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Kiwi & Kiwi"
Plenty of kiwi on the bottom of the cup

Lawson's "Cherry Cherry Peach" and "Kiwi & Kiwi" are perfect for this warmer season. When you see it, be sure to pick it up!