Aeon "Mike Popcorn Green Curry Flavor"
For snacks and snacks

"Mike Popcorn Green Curry Flavor" will be released in advance on April 22 at each AEON store (excluding some stores). It will be released on May 13th at other confectionery stores such as supermarkets. The price is 105 yen (excluding tax).

This is Japan Frito-Lay's "Mike Popcorn" and Yamamori's "Thai Curry" A collaboration of "Green". It seems that the taste of authentic green curry is reproduced using "Kaffir lime leaves" and "Lemongrass", which are the raw materials of Thai curry.

It is said that it is a popcorn that reproduces the authentic green curry taste that makes the spiciness of green pepper, the flavor of coconut, and the taste of chicken addictive.