Komeda coffee shop "Jericho soymilk ole" "Jericho Yuenyeung tea"

At Komeda Coffee, "Jericho Enoucha" and "Jericho Soymilk Ole" will be on sale for a limited time from April 25th (excluding some stores). The price is 600 yen each (tax included).

Jericho is a coined word that combines "coffee jelly + coffee". It is a dessert drink that you can enjoy "Nomu, Eat, Mix" based on Komeda's original iced coffee and adding coffee jelly prepared at the store.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Ganso"
Jericho ancestor

"Yuenyeung" is a hybrid beverage made by combining coffee and tea and adding condensed milk. Mandarin duck is a mandarin duck, which means a combination that goes well with a pair of mandarin ducks.

Jericho Yuenyeung is a drink made by blending homemade coffee jelly with condensed milk, Komeda's original iced coffee and iced tea in a unique ratio. It seems that you can enjoy a rich and refreshing taste.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Yuenyeung Tea"
I wonder what it tastes like

Jericho Soymilk Ole is a drink made by adding soymilk and black honey to homemade coffee jelly and adding whipped cream. The subtle bitterness of jelly, the mellow sweetness of soy milk, and the rich aroma of black honey are a perfect balance.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Jericho Soymilk Ore"
While mixing well