The last meat festival in Heisei at Fujiya restaurant
I want to eat meat! (Source: Official website)

At the Fujiya restaurant, the "Niku Day" event will be held on the day when "9" is attached. The "Heisei Last" meat festival where the popular "Sirloin steak" is at a special price!

The target menu is "Sirloin steak (120g) teriyaki lemon sauce [with rice]". The regular set price is 1,510 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), but it will be offered for 1,310 yen in connection with 2019.

In addition, "store-prepared fried shrimp (1 fish)" or "Hokkaido scallop fried (1 piece)" can be topped for free.

The implementation dates are April 9, 19 and 29. Please check the official website of Fujiya Restaurant for the target stores.