Fujiya Restaurant "Fujiya 111th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Menu"
All images are from Fujiya official website

At each Fujiya restaurant, the "Fujiya 111th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Menu" will be available from November 9th. A rich lineup from main menu to dessert, such as "hamburger steak beef stew sauce wrapped in foil", "porcini sauce spaghetti with 5 kinds of truffle scented mushrooms", "cream doria of mushrooms from Hiroshima", "milky soft serve ice cream parfait of strawberry" ..

Fujiya 111th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Menu

Foil-wrapped hamburger steak with beef stew sauce

Fujiya Restaurant "Foil-wrapped hamburger steak beef stew sauce"

A dish of hamburger steak, beef stew, and "gratitude to customers" wrapped in hot foil. It is provided on an iron plate. With rice, the price is 1,590 yen (tax included, same below).

5 kinds of truffle-scented mushroom porcini sauce spaghetti

Fujiya Restaurant "5 Kinds of Mushroom Porcini Sauce Spaghetti with Truffle Fragrance"

Spaghetti using fresh sticky pasta and 5 kinds of mushrooms: porcini mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, eringi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and mushrooms. The scent of fried Maitake mushrooms is appetizing. Truffle flavored olive oil is used for fragrance. The price is 1,190 yen.

Hiroshima oyster cream doria

Fujiya Restaurant "Hiroshima Oyster Cream Doria"

Cream doria finished with oysters and mushrooms from Hiroshima prefecture. Contains 3 hot oysters. The price is 1,090 yen.

Large fried oysters from Hiroshima

Fujiya Restaurant "Hiroshima Large Kaki Fry"

A oyster fry made from large oysters grown in the waters around Noumi and Etajima in Hiroshima. The price is 1,190 yen.

Hamburger steak & large fried oysters from Hiroshima

Fujiya Restaurant "Hamburg Steak & Hiroshima Large Kaki Fry"

A plate that combines oyster fry using large oysters from Hiroshima with a plumply baked hamburger steak. The price is 1,290 yen.

Strawberry milky soft serve parfait

Fujiya Restaurant "Strawberry Milky Soft Ice Cream Parfait"

A parfait with milky soft serve ice cream, strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, chiffon, and raspberry sauce. Strawberries and whipped cream are also topped. The price is 700 yen.

Strawberry parfait

Fujiya restaurant "Strawberry Parfait"

Parfait where you can enjoy various strawberry flavors such as fresh strawberries, ice cream, and jelly. The surface is made with strawberry soup, and as you continue to eat it, it mixes with panna cotta, ice cream, and condensed milk, giving it a milky taste. The price is 1,190 yen.

Italian shortcake

Fujiya restaurant "Italian shortcake"

The price is 650 yen.

Strawberry & banana pancakes with milky sauce

Fujiya Restaurant "Strawberry & Banana Hotcake with Milky Sauce"

A hot cake that you can enjoy with the attached milky sauce as you like. The price is 920 yen. You can add mini soft serve ice cream (80g (2.82oz)) for +170 yen.

* Some products are not available at the Sukiyabashi store, Ikebukuro Tobu store, and Funabashi Tobu store.
* Not sold at Narita International Airport Store, Sendai Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Nagoya Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Kobe Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Fukuoka Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen.