Doutor "Okinawa brown sugar latte" "Okinawa brown sugar matcha latte"

Drinks and foods perfect for spring will be available at the Doutor Coffee Shop on March 14th. A lineup of 5 products.

"Okinawa brown sugar latte" is a popular latte using brown sugar from Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture, which is celebrating its third year this year (2019). Combine brown sugar sauce with deep roasted coffee and milk, topped with whipped cream and brown sugar sauce. The price starts from 340 yen for S size (tax included, same below).

Doutor "Okinawa brown sugar latte"
Ice cream too

A matcha version of "Okinawa Matcha Brown Sugar Latte" is also available. Uji matcha latte with moderate bitterness, whipped cream, and rich brown sugar sauce seem to go well together. The price starts from 380 yen for S size.

Doutor "Okinawa brown sugar matcha latte"
Matcha version

"Crispy chocolate mille crêpes" is a sweet made by layering chocolate and whipped cream with a crispy texture on a chocolate crepe dough kneaded with coffee powder. Apply napage with orange peel on the surface and top with cocoa powder. The price is 390 yen.

Doutor "Crispy Chocolate Mille Crepes"
Orange scent

"Milan Sand C Teriyaki Chicken and Egg Salad" is a Milan Sand with teriyaki sauce entwined with chicken using "Saisaidori" from Iwate prefecture. A mellow egg salad and crispy kinpira with sesame oil are included. The price is 420 yen.

Doutor "Milan Sand C Teriyaki Chicken and Egg Salad"
Japanese taste

"Premium Roast Coffee Sakura Ethiopian Coffee Beans 100% Used" is an original blend with a faint cherry blossom scent. Ethiopian coffee, which is characterized by its floral flavor and sweetness, is roasted while smoking with cherry chips. After crushing, it is finished by combining the double cherry blossoms and the cherry powder made from the leaves of Oshima cherry blossoms. The price is 480 yen for drip cafe (5 packs) and 980 yen for coffee powder (200g (7.05oz)).

Doutor "Premium Roast Coffee Sakura [100% Ethiopian Coffee Beans]"
It seems recommended to add sugar or milk