Tyrolean chocolate "chocolate feels like France"
Enjoy 3 different flavors!

Tyrolean chocolate will release a new product "Chocotte French Mood" on March 4th. The reference price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

This is a Tyrolean chocolate that reproduces French-born sweets. "Eclair", which is a combination of soft and sweet custard-flavored paste and marshmallow with bittersweet bitter chocolate, "Crème Brulee", which is a combination of custard-flavored chocolate with caramel sauce and custard-flavored cream, and a crispy surface, which is bitter. Contains 3 types of "gateau chocolate", which is a combination of chocolate, sauce, cream and cocoa biscuits.

One bag contains 3 eclairs, 2 gateau chocolates and 2 creme brulee, for a total of 7 pieces.