Tyrolean chocolate "Big Tyrolean [Hina Matsuri]"

Tyrolean Choco will release a new product "Big Tyrolean [Hinamatsuri]" on January 17th. The estimated price is 324 yen (tax included).

Big Tyrolean [Hinamatsuri]

"Big Tyrolean [Hinamatsuri]" is a Hinamatsuri limited product that transforms into a three-dimensional Hinamatsuri when the outer box is assembled. Illustrations of Hina dolls are drawn on the individual wrapping, and it is a specification that you can enjoy decorating on the Hina dai. Contains 4 standard "bis", 6 limited flavor "fluffy peach", and 10 "strawberry vanilla" for a total of 20 pieces.

Tyrolean chocolate "Big Tyrolean [Hina Matsuri]"

* The individual design (expression) of "Ohina-sama" and "Oto-sama" will be randomly included.
* Individual packaging of five musicians is not included.


Biscuits in milk chocolate.

"Bis" of Tyrolean chocolate "Big Tyrolean [Hina Matsuri]"

Soft peach

Marshmallow and peach sauce are wrapped in peach chocolate.

"Fluffy peach" of Tyrolean chocolate "Big Tyrolean [Hina Matsuri]"

Strawberry vanilla

Three layers of strawberry-flavored chocolate, vanilla chocolate, and milk chocolate.

"Strawberry Vanilla" from Tyrolean Choco "Big Tyrolean [Hina Matsuri]"

Tyrolean chocolate that is perfect for the Hinamatsuri, which you can enjoy whether you decorate it or eat it. Why don't you assemble a cute Hinamatsuri and have fun?