Tyrolean chocolate "Irasutoya BOX" from FamilyMart

"Irasutoya BOX" will be released on January 25th from Tyrolean Choco. There are 14 pieces in one box, and the price is 298 yen (tax included). Handled at FamilyMart. It will end as soon as it runs out.

Irasutoya BOX

"Irasutoya BOX" is a collaboration with "Irasutoya", a free material site famous for cute illustrations. An original illustration written by Takashi Mifune, an illustrator, and a popular LINE stamp are designed. This is an assorted product that you can enjoy all 5 flavors, including Maritozzo Creme Brulee Eclair, which is limited to this product. Contains 3 each of Maritozzo, Creme Brulee, Eclair, Chocolat Tart and 2 Raspberry Cheesecakes.