Tully's Coffee "Milky Honey Soilate" "Tully's Unicorn Roll Banana & Strawberry" "T's Pop'n Marble Soda"

We will review the spring menu of Tully's Coffee together. 4 items such as latte with soy milk and gorgeous roll cake.


"Milky Honey Soilate" is a seasonal drink made from Tully's popular beverage "Honey Milk Latte" arranged with soy milk. Soy milk whipped cream and soy milk sauce are used. Topped with almonds and hazelnuts. The price starts from 490 yen for short size (tax included, same below).

Tully's Coffee "Milky Honey Soilate"
There is a soy milk sticker on it

Espresso is the first to insist on the taste. Soy milk gently wraps the bitterness that spreads gently on the tongue. It has a rich yet crisp taste.

Plenty of soy milk whipped cream is very delicious! It is lighter than fresh cream and has a good balance with Tully's Honey, which is characterized by its rich sweetness. The crispy and fragrant nuts add an accent to make it a light but satisfying cup.

Tully's Coffee "Milky Honey Soilate"
The texture of nuts is fun

"& TEA Cambrick Ginger Royal Milk Tea" is an arrangement of "Cambrick Tea", which has been drunk in England for a long time. Ginger and honey are added to the royal milk tea. The price starts from 450 yen for short size.

Tully's Coffee "& TEA Cambrick Ginger Royal Milk Tea"
Seasonal tea

Honey that melts with the deep richness of royal milk tea. After the mellow sweetness, I feel a slight spiciness of ginger. A cup of tingling stimulus that leaves a pleasant lingering finish.


"Tully's Unicorn Roll Banana & Strawberry" is a roll cake that expresses "dream cute" by incorporating the popular unicorn color. No artificial colors are used. The price is 420 yen.

Tully's Unicorn Roll Banana & Strawberry
Yumekawa color

When you eat the blue sponge with excitement, it has a slightly sweet and plain taste. Then pink strawberry cream spreads a refreshing scent. Strawberry jam between the sponge and cream adds a mild acidity.

Tully's Unicorn Roll Banana & Strawberry
Bright red jam

The dark yellow in the center is banana custard. Combined with the banana cream on the top, it fills the mouth with deep richness and sweetness. Like its pop appearance, it has a fruity taste that makes you feel excited every time you eat it.

Tully's Unicorn Roll Banana & Strawberry
Alazan on top of cream

"T's Pop'n Marble Soda" (starting at 250 yen), which has a cute pastel color, is an ice cream that mixes soda, strawberry, and vanilla. It has a strong refreshing soda flavor and goes well with sweet roll cakes. If you eat it together, you can enjoy the taste like fruit soda in a coffee shop.

T's Pop'n Marble Soda
Refreshing aftertaste

Drinks that are healed by the mellow sweetness of honey and sweets that are heart-warming in pastel colors. All of them seem to brighten up the spring tea time.