Tully's Coffee "Caramel Cafe Granita


's Coffee "Caramel Cafe Granita


Tully's Coffee will sell "Caramel Cafe Granita", a tie-up product with the TBS Tuesday drama "Dusk, Hand in Hand", from Friday, March 10 to Sunday, March 19. 770 yen (tax included) for Tall size only.

Caramel Cafe


Tully's Coffee will be offering the " Maple Caramel Macchiato, " the signature menu item of the cafe "TOMIGAYA COFFEE," which appears in the TBS drama "Dusk, Hand in Hand," airing every Tuesday night from 10 p.m., as a tie-up product with the drama, from January 27 (Fri.) through The limited time offer is available from January 27 (Fri.) to February 5 (Sun.). It was well received by a wide range of people, including fans of the TV drama and Tully's fans.

Cafe "TOMIGAYA COFFEE" appearing in TBS drama "Dusk, Hand in Hand".

This time, as the second product, another signature item, "Caramel Cafe Granita" is released. The "Maple Caramel Macchiato" will also be available again due to its popularity. The "Caramel Cafe Granita" comes with an original collaboration sticker (limited quantities only).

Tie-up between Tully's Coffee and TBS drama "Dusk, Hand in Hand".

The "Caramel Cafe Granita" is a frozen drink with a light, fluffy, smoothie-like texture created by mixing double shots of espresso and ice. The deep richness of the espresso can be felt, and the toppings of salted caramel sauce and chai spice accent the sweet and savory flavors. We recommend not using a straw for the first sip to enjoy the fluffy, creamy texture and sweet, spicy aroma.

Tully's Coffee "Caramel Cafe Granita

Limited quantities available.
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