Sutadon "Wild Sutamina Yakisukidon"
When you want to eat tightly!

"Wild Sutamina Yakisukidon" will be released on February 28th at each of the bowl chains "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten" (excluding some stores). For a limited time. The price is 990 yen (tax included) for the average size.

This is a large serving of rice for about 3 bowls, topped with stir-fried spicy sauce, and sukiyaki with juicy American beef ribs and Shirataki entwined with a special sauce. Rice bowl with shiitake, scallions and yaki-dofu.

Sutadon "Wild Sutamina Yakisukidon"

With 150g (5.29oz) of beef ribs and large, thick ingredients, it is said that it is a hearty dish with a total weight of over 800g (28.22oz), which is the highest class, so that you can feel a sufficient response to eating.

The special sauce that is entwined with beef ribs is the "specially made sutamina-yaki suki sauce", which is a sweet and sour sauce that is a blend of several types of sauce, such as kabayaki sauce and special yakiniku sauce, and grated garlic. It is said that it is finished with a garlic flavor while retaining the sweetness peculiar to sukiyaki.