Imuraya's new product "White Raw Chocolate Mochi"

Imuraya's new product "White Raw Chocolate Mochi" will be released on February 26th at each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores). The price is 224 yen (tax included).

This is a pure white sweet ice cream based on raw chocolate Daifuku with the image of winter. The five-layer structure of rich vanilla ice cream, charred caramel sauce, white raw chocolate, powder (powdered sugar), and mochi makes it possible to enjoy changes in taste and texture.

The ice cream is made with 20% Hokkaido cream, Madagascar vanilla bean seeds and natural vanilla flavor, giving it a rich and rich taste.

The center sauce is a charred caramel sauce with a roasted feel to add an accent. White chocolate is used for the raw chocolate sauce to give a sense of unity to the whole.