Lawson "Eat trout Doraemon" "Eat trout Doraemon Heart ver."
Eatable Doraemon

From the character motif Japanese sweets "Eat trout" series, "Eat trout Doraemon" and "Eat trout Doraemon Heart ver." Are now available. It will be released on February 26th at Lawson nationwide (excluding some stores). The price is 280 yen each (tax included).

Doraemon's characteristic bells, bright red nose, and tail are all expressed in Neri-kiri. Both use natural colorants for coloring. You can enjoy the delicate taste and moist mouthfeel unique to Japanese sweets.

Lawson "Eat trout Doraemon"
Smiley face

"Heart ver." Is a cute reproduction of Doraemon's eyes being heart-shaped and mellow. We are particular about the color and modeling of small parts such as the love letter that you hold in your hand, the eyes of the heart, and the pink cheeks.

Lawson "Eat trout Doraemon Heart ver."
Mellow face

The bean paste inside is custard flavored with Doraemon, and the heart ver. Is strawberry flavored. Chickpeas are used as the raw material for the first time in the "Eat trout" series.

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