Lawson "Eat trout ass and star Kirby"
Limited quantity

At each Lawson store, the Japanese confectionery "Eat Trout Asoto Hoshi no Kirby" will be on sale from April 23 (excluding some stores). The price is 350 yen (tax included).

"Eating trout asoto" is a new series of eating trout that includes two types of Japanese sweets. The first is a set of two, "Kirby" made of rice cakes and "Warp Star" made of Neri-kiri, with the motif of Kirby's world view.

Kirby is made of pink mochi fabric to reproduce the round and lovely appearance. The mochi dough contains custard-flavored cream. She comes with six face plates including a smiling face, a smooth face, a winking face and one secret.

Lawson "Eat trout ass and star Kirby"
Enjoy at the store to see which Kirby you can meet

Warp Star is Neri-kiri with chocolate-flavored cream. You can reproduce the image you are working on by putting Kirby on it.

Lawson "Eat trout ass and star Kirby"

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