7-ELEVEN "Fluffy Chihuahua Baked & Rare Cheese" "Momoiro Kotori Strawberry & Berry"
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Hinamatsuri sweets "Fluffy Chihuahua Baked & Rare Cheese" and "Momoiro Kotori Strawberry & Berry" will be on sale from February 25th to March 3rd at each 7-ELEVEN store. The price is 329 yen each (tax included).

Fluffy Chihuahua Baked & Rare Cheese is a cake with a cute Chihuahua motif. Refreshing rare cheese cream and baked cheesecake are wrapped in a white crumb sponge.

7-ELEVEN "Fluffy Chihuahua Baked & Rare Cheese"
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Momoiro Kotori Strawberries & Berry is a pink Kotori cake limited to the Doll's Festival. A layer of sweet and sour strawberry mousse and strawberry & raspberry mousse is wrapped in a pink clam sponge.

7-ELEVEN "Momoiro Kotori Strawberry & Berry"