Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage "Gabu Drinking Watermelon Cider"
I want to drink it!

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage "Gabu Drink Melon Cream Soda" will be renewed on February 11th. In addition, "Gabu Gabu! Watermelon Cider" will be on sale from April 1st only for vending machines.

The most popular "Gabu-drinking melon cream soda" in the "Gabu-drinking" series is a carbonated drink that you can enjoy a mellow taste like ice cream melted in melon soda. Finished with melon flavor and condensed milk. The estimated price is 140 yen for a 500 ml PET bottle (excluding tax, the same applies below), 320 yen for a 1.5 L PET bottle, and 124 yen for a 500 ml can.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage "Gabu Gabu Melon Cream Soda"
Gabu Gabu Melon Cream Soda

On the other hand, "Gabu Drinking Watermelon Cider" is a carbonated drink inspired by the flesh of a bright red watermelon. You can enjoy the bright liquid color and the fresh watermelon flavor. It comes in a 450ml (15.22us fl oz) PET bottle and the estimated price is 130 yen.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage "Gabu Drinking Watermelon Cider"
Gabu Gabu! Watermelon Cider