Gabu Gabu Lemon Cream Soda
During the summer vacation, "drink" lemon cream soda!

The popular "Gabu Gabu Lemon Cream Soda", which was sold in September of last year (2016), is back again this year. The package has been redesigned and will be on sale for a limited time from July 24th. It comes in a 500ml (16.91us fl oz) PET bottle, and the estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Gabu Gabu Lemon Cream Soda is a product inspired by Tochigi Dairy's "Kanto / Tochigi Lemon", which is known as a local drink in Tochigi. When it was sold last year, it was highly evaluated by people of all ages, especially men.

This time, the package has been renewed with the same taste. By designing it with a sizzle in the glass, the "lemon cream soda" character is emphasized.

In addition, Tochigi lemon is made by adding sugar and lemon flavor to raw milk from Tochigi, but it seems that raw milk from Tochigi is not used in this product. I don't know.