For a limited time, "Mateau's Sweet Potato-style Pudding-Bitter Caramel Sauce-"
I want to eat!

"Mayto's Sweet Potato-style Pudding ~ Bitter Caramel Sauce ~" will be released on February 12th from Kyodo Milk Industry of the Meito brand. For a limited time. The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

This is a pudding that you can enjoy the sweetness and smooth texture of sweet potatoes using limited use of "Naruto Kintoki (sweet potatoes that grow in sandy areas, store sweetness, and ripen after harvest to bring out the sweetness)" from Tokushima Prefecture. .. By using bitter caramel sauce, the taste of pudding is tightened, and it is finished in a sweet potato style that further enhances the sweetness of sweet potatoes.