7-ELEVEN "Toro Raw Pumpkin Pudding"
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New arrival sweets, sweet bread, and ice cream that will be on sale from August 31st at each 7-ELEVEN store are summarized. Check out the hot lineup such as "Toro Raw Pumpkin Pudding" and "7 Premium Share and Eat Fromage Tart"!

* The handling status of each product varies depending on the region and store.
* It may be sold out early.

Toro raw pumpkin pudding

7-ELEVEN "Toro Raw Pumpkin Pudding"

Pumpkin pudding with a smooth texture. A bittersweet caramel sauce is combined with a whipped cream that melts in your mouth. The price is 198 yen (213.84 yen including tax).

7 Premium Share and Eat Fromage Tart

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Share and Eat Fromage Tart"

Cheese tart that you can enjoy the fragrant dough. Cheese dough blended with Australian cream cheese is poured into tart dough and baked. The price is 358 yen (386.64 yen including tax). Released on September 2nd.

Shiratama Tokinako Mochito Purin with black honey

7-ELEVEN "Shiratama Tokinako Mochito Purin with Kuromitsu"

A "mochi" textured purin made from kinako and brown sugar. It is finished with black honey sauce, whipped cream, and white balls and sprinkled with soybean flour. The price is 278 yen (300.24 yen including tax). Released on September 1st.

7P Marla Khao 4 pieces

7-ELEVEN "7P Marla Kao 4 pieces"

The slightly simple sweetness, the gentle flavor of eggs, and the salty taste of salty soy sauce, which is a secret ingredient, are Chinese-style and can be enjoyed by all generations. The price is 128 yen (138.24 yen including tax).

Danish pastry of apples

7-ELEVEN "Apple Danish"

A sweet bread made by squeezing custard on a crisp Danish pastry and putting sweet and sour apples on it. The price is 150 yen (162 yen including tax).

7P blueberry & cheese cream pie

7-ELEVEN "7P Blueberry & Cheese Cream Pie"

A pie baked with cheese cream, blueberry jam, and soboro on a pie crust that has been slowly fermented at low temperature. The price is 138 yen (149.04 yen including tax).

In addition, the list of newly arrived ice cream is as follows.

Akagi Garigari-kun White sour 70 yen (75.60 yen including tax)
7 Premium It's like a thick potato 138 yen (149.04 yen including tax)
Andeiko Cheese Terrine Bar 168 yen (181.44 yen including tax)
7 Premium Waffle Cone Chocolate & Vanilla 208 yen (224.64 yen including tax)
7-ELEVEN Premium Almond Chocolate Bar 178 yen (192.24 yen including tax)
Akagi Chocolate Macaron Ice 218 yen (235.44 yen including tax) * Released on September 4th