Komeda Coffee Shop "Nico Nico Valentine Campaign"
Valentine goes to Komeda

At Komeda Coffee, the "Nico Nico Valentine Campaign" will be held for three days from February 12th to 14th (excluding some stores).

If you order your favorite drink and one "Mini Shiro Noir Strawberry Chocolate" or "Mini Shiro Noir" after 13:00 during the campaign period, you will receive another free Mini Shiro Noir of the same type. This is your chance to enjoy a dessert after a meal or a mini Shiro Noir that is the perfect size to eat alone.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Mini Shiro Noir Strawberry Chocolate"
Seasonal taste

* Drinks must be ordered for the number of people in the group (excluding elementary school students and younger) * Regular sizes are not eligible for the campaign