Lawson "Strawberry Mini Whole Cake"
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At each Lawson store, four slightly luxurious sweets will be released on February 8 (excluding some areas and stores). Limited time until February 11th.

・ A savory pie-style pie shoe (4 pieces)
A pie shoe made by injecting whipped cream and custard into a fragrant pie dough baked using fermented butter from Brittany. 4 pieces that you can enjoy even if you share it. The price is 450 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Savory pie-style pie shoe (4 pieces)"

・ Strawberry mini whole cake
A No. 3 size shortcake that combines a soft sponge with rich whipped cream and a strawberry preservative with a flesh-like texture. Topped with 2 strawberries to finish. The price is 550 yen.

Lawson "Strawberry Mini Whole Cake"

・ Large pudding
Sweets with caramel, custard mousse, and sponge layered on top of a large pudding. Topped with whipped cream, nuts and chocolate chips. The price is 550 yen.

Lawson "Big Pudding"

・ 20 layers of mille crêpes
Mille crêpes with thinly baked dough and thick cream layered on top of each other. You can enjoy the delicate texture and taste. The price is 300 yen.

Lawson "20 layers of mille crêpes"