Tyrolean chocolate [Kikyo Shingen Mochi Uji Matcha]
I want to eat

"Tirol Choco [Kikyou Shingen Mochi Uji Matcha]" will be released on February 9th from Tirol Choco. Available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide (excluding some stores). The estimated price is 45 yen (excluding tax).

The second collaboration product with Kikyo Shingen Mochi, a famous confectionery in Yamanashi. In addition to Kikyouya's soybean flour and black honey, Uji matcha from Tsuji Rihei Honten, a long-established teahouse in Kyoto founded in 1860, is used. You can enjoy the rich flavor of matcha, fragrant soybean flour and black honey.

Sales will end as soon as there are no more products. Kikyo Shingen Mochi fans should check it out.