Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige Roasted Nut Cocoa"

Drink menus "Sol Beige Roasted Nut Cocoa" and "Hot Apple & Berry" are on sale at each Cafe de Clie store. Review the two together.

Sol Beige Roasted Nut Cocoa is a drink based on Clie's original cocoa with hazelnut sauce. Topped with roasted almonds and cream. Prices start at 440 yen (tax included, same below).

Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige Roasted Nuts Cocoa"
A nice cup for nut lovers

Not to mention the compatibility of fragrant cocoa and nuts. At the same time as you feel the coldness on your tongue, the sweetness, richness, and fragrance rush in at once. It's like "Drinking Gianduja chocolate".

Mix plenty of cream for a richer finish. The crispy topping nuts are a pleasant accent. By the way, there is also hot "roasted nut cocoa", so I wonder if that is better on cold days.

Cafe de Clie "Sol Beige Roasted Nuts Cocoa"
Never get bored with toppings

Hot Apple & Berry is a drink made by pouring warm apple juice into the pulp of apples. Topped with strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and raspberries. The price is 400 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Hot Apple & Berry"

A refreshing sweetness that pops when you eat it. Along with the warmth of the drink, the deliciousness of the fresh fruit will soak into your body.

Spoon the flesh that is sinking to the bottom. Crispy apples, kyun and sour berries are rumbling. Although it is a drink, it has plenty of flesh and has a “feeling of eating” that can be called a dessert.

Cafe de Clie "Hot Apple & Berry"
Apple big

The season when you miss the rich taste. Would you like to take a break with a sweet and rich drink?