New food menu for November in Starbucks
There are also sweets that are full of commitment and uniqueness!

New food menus will be available at each Starbucks Coffee store from November 1st. We also have a lineup of unique products such as "Shot & Chocolate", which is finished by pouring espresso after ordering.

Below, we will introduce all 10 new menu items (including re-appearing items)! Which one do you eat first?

● American Scone Nuts & S'more (280 yen, tax not included, same below)

Starbucks "American Scones Nuts & S'more"

A new scone with almond-flavored chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between dough kneaded with graham flour and crushed almonds. It is topped with plenty of almond coating and marshmallows.

The crunchy texture of the dough, the smooth mouthfeel of the marshmallows, the fragrant flavor and the gentle sweetness spread in a well-balanced manner.

● American Scone Orange Cranberry (270 yen)

Starbucks "American Scone Orange Cranberry"

It's been 4 years since it was released in Japan. It is a popular scone sold every year during the holiday season in Starbucks, USA.

A scone baked with plenty of orange peel and dried cranberries mixed in a dough that uses plenty of orange paste than last year (2016). It is finished with plenty of crispy glaze and topped with cranberries.

You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of orange and cranberry. When warmed, the moist dough spreads a more juicy taste.

● Stone kiln Philone Holiday chicken (270 yen)

Starbucks "Stone Kiln Philone Holiday Chicken"

The holiday season limited Philone is back again this year. Filone bread with breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, red and green sandwiched with Christmas-like peppers and broccoli. Seasoned with pecorino cheese and gravy sauce.

This year, the deliciousness of cheese is strongly expressed, and it seems that you can enjoy the richness of cheese and the taste of rich gravy sauce.

● Salad Wrap Avocado Shrimp & Sriracha (440 yen)

Starbucks "Salad Wrap Avocado Shrimp & Sriracha"

A salad wrap with plenty of shrimp and avocado wrapped in orange tortilla dough colored with tomatoes. A salad of lettuce, purple cabbage, broccoli, carrots, roasted almonds and pressed barley is combined.

Seasoned with spicy sriracha sauce and tomato sauce. The pressed barley salad is made with onion and broccoli, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

● Hot Salad Wrap Spinach & Cheese Soy Meat (440 yen)

Starbucks "Hot Salad Wrap Spinach & Cheese Soy Meat"

"Vegetable concept" salad wrap that does not use meat or fish. Spinach & cheese, which was popular last year, is back again this year.

A green tortilla dough colored with green tea, wrapped with sautéed spinach and eringi, steppen cheese, soybean meat, broccoli, green beans, red peppers, edamame and broccoli salad.

● Raspberry chocolate pie (440 yen)

Starbucks "Raspberry Chocolate Pie"

A dessert made by layering crispy cocoa pie dough with moist chocolate dough like brownies and smooth ganache cream, topped with sweet and sour raspberry pulp and raspberry filling. It is finished by squeezing a chocolate whipped cream that melts in your mouth.

It is a handmade dish that you can enjoy the rich and bitter cacao flavor and the juicy taste of raspberries.

● Cranberry Bliss Bar (270 yen)

Starbucks "Cranberry Bliss Bar"

The annual holiday season Bliss Bar is back again this year. A sweet made by mixing dried cranberries, white chocolate, oranges and spices in a moist dough. On top of the dough is cream cheese and white chocolate cream mixed with orange, topped with dried cranberries and powdered sugar.

The spices used are "cinnamon," "nutmeg," "ginger," and "all spices." It seems that ginger is added a little more than last year so that it goes well with this year's Christmas blend (seasonal coffee).

● Coffee & Espresso Cake White Chunk & Lemon (350 yen)

Starbucks "Coffee & Espresso Cake White Chunk & Lemon"

A pound cake with the image of "powdered snow". Lemon juice, fruit juice, and lemon peel are kneaded into the dough, which gives you a hint of sweet and sour taste, and is finished with white coating, white chunks, and powdered sugar.

The chocolate chunks are topped as they are, so you can enjoy the crunchy texture. Adding whipped cream makes it more milky and mellow, making it easier to eat.

● Milk tea pudding (440 yen)

Starbucks "Milk Tea Pudding"

A seasonal pudding that reproduces the taste of mellow milk tea. It is said to be rich in flavor using three types of tea leaves: Kenya, Assam, and Ceylon. In addition, combine milk and fresh cream for a rich taste.

At the bottom is a tea sauce that combines black tea and caramel. This is an accent, and it seems that you can eat until the end without getting tired. Fresh cream with a trolley texture is placed on the surface, adding a gentle taste.

● Shot & chocolate (460 yen)

Starbucks "Shot & Chocolate"

A cake made by kneading Starbucks original chocolate with espresso shots and topped with whipped cream. The espresso and the chocolate laid on the bottom melt together, and you can enjoy the smooth and smooth taste of chocolate cream.

Since the barista finishes each one after the order is placed, it is a dessert exclusively for the store.