Mister Donut "Long-established Western-style premium pie"
Popular Western food becomes a pie!

At each Mister Donut store, four types of "long-established Western-style premium pies" jointly developed with the long-established Western-style restaurant "Gotoken" will be on sale for a limited time from October 12 (excluding some stores). The price is 237 yen each (tax included).

The popular menu of Gotoken is reproduced under the supervision of Gotoken so that it matches the puff pastry of Mister Donut. You can enjoy the taste that successive chefs have preserved as a Western-style pie.

The lineup includes spicy "hot savory pie British curry", "hot savory pie demiglace hamburger" featuring the richness of red wine, "hot savory pie beef stew" with beef stew filling and boiled beef, and cheese. Four kinds of "hot savory pie shrimp gratin" baked over. For in-store eating and drinking, it is re-baked in a special new oven and served in a "crispy outside, hot inside" state.