At each Mister Donut store, six types of "Matcha" series with the theme of "texture" will be on sale for a limited time from May 14th to the end of July.

Collaboration of dough with various textures and "Matcha"!
Collaboration of dough with various textures and "Matcha"!

In this "Matcha" series, "Pon de Ring dough" with a chewy texture, "waff dough" with a fluffy and light texture, and a cake-type soft texture. Donuts that combine matcha chocolate with "Krantz ring dough" are available.

At the same time, "Stick Pie Matcha Azuki" and "Raw Chocolate Matcha Pie", which are made by kneading matcha into pie dough, and "Missed Bits Matcha Mix", which is an assortment of 6 types of donuts, will be on sale at the same time.

The products released in the "Matcha" series are as follows.

Pon de Matcha chocolate 140 yen Raw chocolate Matcha pie 151 yen Kranzling Matcha chocolate 140 yen Stick pie Matcha Azuki 151 yen
waff Matcha chocolate 118 yen Missed Bits Matcha mix 30 pieces 1,188 yen 18 pieces 712 yen 6 pieces 237 yen

* All listed prices include tax