Bourbon "Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Sesame"

From the Bourbon "Alfort" series, "Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Sesame", which makes the best use of the taste of sesame, will be on sale from October 9th. 12 pieces, the estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

This is Alfort, which is a combination of chocolate kneaded with black sesame paste, which is characterized by its fragrant and strong scent, and cocoa biscuits with a mild taste. You can enjoy the rich sesame flavor.

Bourbon "Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Sesame"
Front and back

Also, from the same day, "Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Koichigo" will be renewed and sold. By reviewing the composition of chocolate and strawberry powder, it seems that it is tailored so that you can enjoy the rich but more natural flavor of strawberry.

Bourbon "Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Strawberry"
Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium Strawberry