Chiba area limited "Country Ma'am (loquat)
Souvenirs from Chiba!

Country Ma'am (loquat)

Country Ma'am (loquat)" is now available as a regional "Souvenir Country Ma'am" featuring local specialties. It will be available in Chiba Prefecture and its suburbs from October 2.

The city of Minami-Boso in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture has a mild climate and is a major producer of loquat. The number of tourists who enjoy loquat picking is increasing.

Country mam (loquat) cookies are made with a sauce containing loquat and white chocolate chips kneaded into the dough. The cookies are said to have a refreshing taste.

The package of 16 cookies is priced at 756 yen (tax included). Sold at souvenir stores, roadside stations, highway PA/SA, etc. in Chiba Prefecture and its suburbs.