Saga famous confectionery "Maruboro"

"Maruboro", one of Saga's famous confectionery. It is sold from various confectionery stores in Saga, but this time we will review "Maruboro Hizen" from Otsubo Confectionery.

A confectionery made by improving the Nanbangashi confectionery that was introduced from Portugal. Maruboro Hizen is made by adding plenty of chicken eggs, sugar, honey, etc. to flour from Kyushu. The purchase price is 350 yen (excluding tax) for 10 pieces.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Maruboro"
Purchased at a department store in Tokyo

It looks like a round and flat dorayaki skin. The aroma of wheat and the elegant sweetness spread throughout your mouth. It has a simple taste and may be similar to the "Vitamin Castella" from Hokkaido that I introduced earlier.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Maruboro"
It seems to be loved by men and women of all ages

When baked in a toaster, it is crispy and flavorful. It's really delicious with a little butter. It is also recommended to eat it with coffee or milk.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Maruboro"
The outside is crispy and the inside is moist

Arrangements to put ingredients on. When I put an egg salad on it, the sweetness of the round bowl matches the mellow richness. I feel that it is sweet and salty and can be eaten as much as you want. Besides this, ice cream and cheese seem to go well.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Maruboro"
Like a sweet English muffin

I also bought "Lamb Raisin Bolo" along with the normal Maruboro. The purchase price is 400 yen (excluding tax) for 10 pieces.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Lamb Raisin Bolo"
With rum raisins

The scent of rum that fluffy through your nose. The mellow raisins overlap with the sweetness that seems to be round. A slightly adult taste that makes you want to taste hot tea.

Saga Famous Confectionery "Lamb Raisin Bolo"
The texture of raisins is ◎

"Maruboro" is delicious, though it doesn't look and taste flashy. It seems to be fun to eat and compare with Maruboro from other confectionery stores.