"Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" at McCafé
Smoothies made with "north" and "south" fruits

At McDonald's, which is located next to McCafé, "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" where you can enjoy mellow "melon" and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" with flesh of "Mango" will be released on July 11th.

Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie is a smoothie that uses red meat melon sauce from Hokkaido and domestic milk. It features a mellow scent of melon and a juicy, melty sweetness.

McCafé "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie"

Topped with whipped cream and red meat melon sauce. If you mix it with a smoothie and drink it, creaminess will be added and you can enjoy the sweetness of melon more. For a limited time until mid-September, the price starts from 430 yen for M size (tax included, same below).

On the other hand, Mango & Pine Smoothie uses pineapple sauce with a refreshing acidity and mango sauce with pulp using three kinds of mango with fruity sweetness. A smoothie that allows you to enjoy tropical harmonies.

McCafé "Mango & Pine Smoothie"

Smooth whipped cream and mango pulp are topped. It is a fruity dish with a yellow and orange marble shape that gives you a tropical feel. For a limited time until early August, the price starts from 490 yen for M size.